Monthly Archives: January 2018

Working in Another Region

My teenager before is now a grown up man. He is now working in Cebu City and he is enjoying what he is doing in the company. Thank God for an opportunity to work and reach friends and people for the Lord. I do believe that God has a plan for our children and He makes NO mistakes in dealing with His children.

At first, we were hesitant to send him to another region since we will not be together. But he needs to look for a work that can make him fulfill his dreams. It was indeed the best work he ever had since he enjoyed and he was chosen as one of the best

My Teenager is now Working

My teenager few years ago is now working in another city away from us. For the first time that he stayed away from us and finds it hard to be away for the first time. However, he was able to survive and for us too, we were able to adjust.

Thank God, he was able to transfer to another room where he stayed with friends in order to have a better place to stay that is nearer to his work place. A better place to work and to stay. Thank you Lord for the blessings and the safety of my son.