Monthly Archives: March 2018

The Internship

If I looked back when I was in high school, it’s very different when compared to high school students these days. Their style of learning and way of doing things are far way different from ours before. But what is interesting is that they learned fast and they don;t want to memorize and read a lot. Although there are few that are still eager to read. I do believe that the new generation, the generation x has a different outlook in life. May these kids continue to give honor the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The Journey of Life

Our teenager is already working as what I have shared last time. He is now a working man with many dreams. Wee’re glad to see our kids growing emotionally and spiritually. He has his own desires and thank God they were covered by His love and grace with His power to overcome temptations.

Being a mother is not a joke. It takes a lot of struggles in their failures and happiness in their victories. It’s indeed a great blessing to have kids.