Music-A Part of Me

Music is always a part of me and my family. I had been enjoying my skill and I’m glad to share it to anybody who wanted to develop their skills and talents.

Somehow, my sons are having the same skill but the 2 of them are good in singing. The eldest is developing his skill in guitar. The youngest is improving his skill in drums. However, my younger son desired to have a new guitar and we were able to see it at ibanez rg series, check it out at and we will buy one for him.

I’m Proud with Hubby

Hubby is in the news just recently. He was training some leaders in the school where he is connected and some of the parents posted him in the newspaper. I’m glad that hubby is performing well and he did his best to bless the school and the students. Thank you Lord for hubby and my kids. Many people enjoy with him because he is a person who can mingle with anybody.

My Keyboard

The other day my niece asked permission to use my keyboard because she is practicing her skill in playing the instrument. I might say, this one is what she likes instead of voice lesson. Her father told her to continue developing her skill in singing but she opted to play the piano and she is already enjoying her new found ability.

Nonetheless, my son wanted to develop his talent in playing drums which he had that when he was 2 years old. Now, he is on his way to develop it.

The Summer Plan

This summer is something that we are excited about. We will be going to 3 different countries to see different places and ecstasies and somehow enjoy the beauty of nature.

It will be a great experience for us as a family especially the kids. God is good in providing our needs. I do believe He will provide for everything as we travel. Thank you Lord!!!

Our Gift for our Son

Our son graduated last week in his desire to pursue his dream of being a computer engineer. It was a dream come true. Aside from that, he is also good in playing guitar. While contemplating, hubby and I desired to give him something as a gift. So we gave him a guitar center coupon and choose for himself the kind of guitar he wished to have. It will be something that he can cherish after graduation.

My Birthday Bash

It was a busy week when I celebrated my birthday last week. I was able to survive after graduation because in the evening we had birthday fellowship. Some friends came, family members celebrated with us and many greeted. That day was tough because of the traffic after graduation of our eldest son in Computer Engineering. It was also a crying moment for me since the one I expected to greet did not make it. Somehow, I have learned to accept the reality and I did amidst the hurts. Sigh!

On Leave

I was on leave last week and glad that I was able to work on my research. It’s tough but I had been at work while staying at home. It’s a great opportunity for me to be with my kids while taking time to be with myself and doing some stuff at the same time. It’s a brand new experience.

A Desired Audio

I really enjoy looking at the audio available in the market. It is an all in one compressor that can be used for any occasions or celebrations. It is the so-called dbx 160 from MF and you can bring it anywhere and it’s easy to carry. It is very useful especially when we have programs or parties. I told hubby about it and he said that I can have it soon.

The Chinese New Year in Bacolod

Today marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebration in Bacolod City. People are excited to come and join in the celebration. For 2 days people were staying near lagoon where the celebration is present. But this evening, it will be celebrated here in the government center or the NGC. It will be a special occasion according to the mayor since a lot of activities are being prepared so that people will enjoy to the max.